Dr.David Cerullo


David Cerullo, unless you know, is the Chairman and CEO of Inspiration Networks. USA TODAY posseses an article concerning the CEO proclaiming that David is creating a $4 million home inside a gated, lakefront community in western Sc at the same time the ministry has cut jobs and reset thermostats to economize in their new headquarters.

I know do not see anything wrong with that. Easily require donation and that i get it, let's imagine, $20 million without conditions attached to it, you imagine I'd put it in the bank and allow it rot. Are you currently kidding me?

I get free money - well I pray a lot, don't I? and that i pray for those who give me free money. I work hard. I pray to God, at least that's what I tell my congregation. And I bless the amount of money therefore it all becomes kosher. If I don't spend it by purchasing $1,000 suits and when my closet isn't filled with them of course, if I don't buy 500 pairs of shoes, what good may be the free money? <!--more-->

It's my money. People supply free money. Basically build a $4 million home with it, what's wrong with this? I pray to God, don't I? The best of this is that they produce the money of their free will. Some force anybody to give me the amount of money. It's a free country. And why shouldn't they? I pray on their behalf.

You probably know how hard it's to hope. It's very hard. It's so hard I sweat and that i sweat a great deal. It's still better than building sewer. Yesterday, I saw a man appearing out of the sewer. He was all dirty but he was not sweating. Once i pray to God, I sweat a whole lot. So whose job is harder - mine or his? Obviously, mine.

He works difficult to put a measly $10 worth of food on the table for his family. I pray tough to put a $4 million home on a lawn for my loved ones. So whose job is harder? My job is harder, needless to say. I pray to God. I sweat a lot.

Moral with the story

My congregation provides me with the amount of money. So let them. Something is made for sure I am not gonna allow it rot in the bank. That's that i can spend and i'm spending it by building a $4 million home from it.


O! Ye people around the globe. Stop this nonsense. Get up and take a break. Arrived at your senses. Many people have mislaid jobs. Many people are on welfare. Many people take presctiption fixed income. Please be sensible and simply decline.

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